Defibrillator Battery Replacement


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February 26th, 2014:
If you haven't checked the end of life date on the battery, or certified that the item is not under recall, do it today!


Battery Recalls:

Defibrillator batteries may get recalled. This is a bigger issue for implantable models given that they may require surgery due to the deterioration of leads or failure of electronic equipment.

Defibrillator battery replacement is critical! Check with your manufacturer for replacement schedule and maintenance.

How often should AED batteries be replaced?

Proper testing of defibrillator batteries can save lives! Always be sure that an AED defibrillator will work when it is necessary! In recent studies, one out of 4 sudden cardiac deaths could have been prevented with a working defibrillator, but a dead battery prevented resuscitation even with doctors present!

Battery replacement training should go hand in hand with showing as many of your employees and managers as possible how to use the AED device. You never know who will be around in an emergency situation, and if your one knowledgeable employee is the one experiencing SCA, then you are going to end up on the news for failing to provide training. Periodic training and certification means that employees can make spot checks on the units and have the innate knowledge of the unit location, how to use it, and what buttons to push when emergencies happen. This kind of confidence building may be a huge factor in emotionally charged situations like a sudden collapse.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Consider having a monthly test or check schedule for defibrillator batteries to prevent liability issues.